Upgrade to hardcover publishing with the Essential Package

Move to the next level of publishing with hardcover publishing, custom interior design, the Booksellers Return Program feature, and more! The Essential Package has all the features of the Starter Package but is for authors wishing for additional marketing and professional editing options.

Check for Manuscript Errors

Get another set of eyes on your manuscript with a feature called Editorial Assessment. We’ll edit a portion of your manuscript, check for errors far beyond grammar, and send it back with corrections and an opportunity for further editing services—an excellent option for authors who don’t want to spend the time editing.

Meet Bookseller Standards

In addition to online distribution, bookstore distribution is also essential. With the Booksellers Return Program, your books will be labeled as “returnable” for booksellers, lowering their financial risk and increasing your chance of a bookstore ordering and stocking your book.

Customize Your Book’s Interior

Enjoy a custom experience with our creative book designers to create interior page designs for your book. This is an added tailored feature perfect for a more hands-on author.

“I like the fact that at every stage of the process I was in control. I was able to decide how far to edit the book, right through to designing the cover.”

- Tanya Bourton of The Plight of Nimara

More than a Publisher

Book Writing USA is the largest self-publisher committed to creating an amazing publishing experience. Here is what's included in the plus Package:


  • Paperback Publishing - Your book will be available in the most popular format, made of quality, perfect binding, and acid-free library stock paper.
  • Digital Formatting and Distribution - Your book will be distributed online as an e-Book and available through significant resellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Production and Post Production Features

  • Worldwide Online Distribution - Your book will be available for sale online through external retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other resellers that may pick up your book from the Ingram and Baker & Taylor distribution networks.
  • Standard Cover Design - A cover designer is assigned to your manuscript and, with some consultation and direction, designs a few cover options based on your vision and lets you pick which one best fits your book.
  • Electronic Galley - Also referred to as “galley proof,” this is your cover and manuscript in a book layout with chapters and pagination. To ensure the final book design is 100% to your liking, galleys are e-mailed to you for review and approval before the book is ready for purchase.
  • 20 Image Insertions - You may provide imagery for your book’s interior pages, and these will be printed either in grayscale or in full color (for Full Color Books).
  • One round of Interior Revisions - You may want to make changes to your manuscript after proofreading your galley. Each block of revisions allows you to submit up to 50 corrections. Publisher errors such as hyphenation, formatting issues, or misplaced graphics, which occurred during production, must also be noted on the proof form but will not count against the first 50 corrections.
  • Standard Page Design - You will have a say in creating visually appealing page designs bringing your story to life, and building your book's layout that fits your needs.
  • One Round of Cover Revisions - Have any tweaks you'd like to make to your cover? You have the option to make changes at no additional cost.
  • Amazon "Look Inside", Google, and Barnes & Noble "Read Instantly" Previews - Allow readers to take a peek inside your book creating interest online before purchasing it. Preview available on Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble, etc.


  • ISBN Assignment - A 13-digit identifier is unique to your book and an industry requirement for distribution and retail sales. It allows distributors, retailers, printers, and readers to find and order your book easily.
  • US Copyright Registration - Book Writing USA registers your work with the US Copyright Office with copyright registration, so there’s a public record of your ownership of that manuscript.
  • Library of Congress Control Number - Book Writing USA will submit a copy of your book to the Library of Congress and arrange for a card catalog number to be assigned to your book.

Copies of Books

  • 50 Promotional Digital Bookstubs - As part of your marketing plan, offer promotional copies of your e-book using digital Bookstubs.
  • $250.00 Credit for your First Book Order - Use your one-time single-use book credit to order paperbacks, hardcovers, or both on your author book order.

Marketing Features

  • Author Website Setup (3 pages) with One Year of Hosting - Receive a professional author website that fits your style and is where readers can go to discover your book and learn about you as an author.
  • New Releases Section on the Book Writing USA Bookstore - Have your book featured on our online bookstore’s ‘New Releases’ section spotlighting it for a limited time upon its publication date.
  • Print-Ready Bookmarks Design File - These are the PDF files of bookmark design so you can print bookmarks at home or through a local printer to be used for promotional events.
  • Book Sales Savvy Guide - With helpful exercises and practices, this marketing guide can give you the confidence and skills you need to draw bookstores to sell your book.
  • Social Media Guide - Every author should have a presence on social media to stay connected with readers and attract new ones. We’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to set up your channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Add-on Services

Is your Book Suited for the Hollywood Screen?

Do you think your book would make a picture-perfect movie? One of the unique benefits of publishing with Book Writing USA is the opportunity to pitch your book to real-life Hollywood film industry experts. Here at Book Writing USA, we want you to succeed.

Where Do You Start?

Book Writing USA Hollywood Book-to-Screen PitchFest is for Book Writing USA published authors to be able to pitch their stories to film and TV executives. We'll coach you and help you craft an intriguing elevator pitch of your story that appeals to producers. It's an experience of a lifetime that our authors have loved time and time again.

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