Digital Formatting and Distribution (E-Book)

Digital Formatting and Distribution provides digital reformatting of your book’s content (book block and cover) for multiple digital devices on the market. Once your book has been digitally formatted, it can be downloaded to a digital device that allows the buyer to adjust the font size and more for readability.

Book Writing USA will format and submit your ePub file for the Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Barnes & Noble NOOKTM, Kobo Books, and iBooks Store* (which is available on the iPhone and iPad application). With this service, you can reach more customers than ever. For more information about e-Book pricing, royalties, and more, visit our Website

Please Note:

    ePub files cannot be created from PDFs.

    Book Writing USA will make every reasonable effort to make the formatting of the ePub edition reflect the format of the print edition; however, some design elements are not supported in the ePub format. Book Writing USA is not responsible for making changes to the design of the ePub edition.

Disclaimer: Press-ready files or designed interior file sizes larger than 650 MB will not be available through Amazon.

*To meet submission standards, please review your manuscript thoroughly to ensure spelling accuracy and correct rendering of any diacritical mark such as tilde, caret, acute accent, or the like. Books written in languages other than Spanish or English are not submitted to iBooks Store due to Apple formatting restrictions. We are currently still trying to work with Apple to resolve this issue.

What You Need to Know

All of Book Writing USA’s publishing packages include Digital Formatting and Distribution. You can purchase this service by selecting one of the publishing packages that includes it. To learn more about our e-Book publishing services, please call +1 888 715 4901.